March 26, 2016

Je ne sais quoi

: a pleasant quality that is hard to describe


Exactly a week ago, after the most stressful morning consisting of a draining exam and an underwhelming post-prelims pizza party, one of my friends decided to make my face up on impulse which naturally instigated a mini photo shoot. Because why the heck not.

This moment adds another to the number of times I've worn the most makeup ever, and as with every other time, I'm baffled by the transformation. It's just this certain je ne sais quoi that I feel about me, though I haven't learned about this concept until last night hence my curiosity each and every time.

A huge chunk of the world's allure is reserved for French style. Books have been published about it, and an infinite amount of articles about how to achieve it are in existence online. It is that je ne sais quoi which literally means I don't know what. I didn't really understand it until recently upon seeing this:

Immediately afterwards, I wished I could take all of Camille Rowe's clothes. Turns out, I liked French fashion way before I became aware it was particularly French.

Although I realized the thing about the French that appeals to people is not really so much about the fashion and the clothes. Maybe a little bit about that too. I've read tips saying leave something about your outfit undone or something like that. But as I see it, it's actually more about their attitude. They have this general sense of lightness and nonchalance towards everything and it translates so well into their outward energy in a way that isn't rude, and even looks charming. See below.


I don't know why I find this such a moment of epiphany but I've figured it's that all this time, I've been compelled to think that appeal could only pertain to the superficial. Never have I been so happy about being wrong. But mostly, I'm just at ease now that there's finally an explanation to the ideal quality which I've always recognized but can't articulate. It's simply je ne sais quoi.

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